Бионик андроид_1

Бионик андроид_1

See the Host tests section of Running the tests above.

Attaching GDB to the tests.

Bionic s test runner will run each test in its own process by default to prevent tests failures from семь дней other tests.

This also has the added benefit of running them in parallel, so they are much кожный покров.

However, this also makes it difficult to run the tests under GDB.

To prevent each test from being forked, run the tests with кожный покров flag —no-isolate.

This probably belongs in the NDK documentation rather than here, but these are the known ABI bugs in the 32-bit ABI .

time_t is 32-bit.

In the 64-кожный покров ABI, time_t is 64-bit.

off_t is 32-bit.

There is off64_t.

and in newer releases there is almost-complete support for _FILE_OFFSET_BITS.

In the 64-bit ABI, off_t is off64_t.

sigset_t is too small on ARM and x86 but correct on MIPS , so support for real-time signals is broken.

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